Seminars and Clinics — March 6, 2014 at 3:46 pm

Videos from Train with Dave Hoff for a day, 01/26/14

Hey guys, as we get ready for our upcoming meet (The 2014 IPA New York Grand Prix/Westside PRO Invitational Qualifier) and our next Dave Hoff seminar, check out some videos from our last seminar with Dave, Train with Dave Hoff for a Day 01/26/14!

From the original post:
“Wow, what a day and what an opportunity! We want to thank the man himself, David Hoff for coming out, judging our meet, and giving us the opportunity to host a “Train with David Hoff day.” David is one of the greatest powerlifters who ever lived and the strongest man in the sport of powerlifting today with the biggest total of 3005lbs! This workshop was an amazing experience, we actually got the opportunity to workout under the same bar as him!! This was an incredible experience, Dave has a world of knowledge, there is a reason he is the best and strongest man in the world! If you have an opportunity to attend a seminar or workshop with him we highly recommend it!”

Check out the pictures from the original post below too!