About the Gym

about the gym

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Our gym is a private training facility. There are no open memberships; the gym is only for use by Blue Collar Barbell team members and Shawna Mendelson’s personal training clients.

Our gym is a dedicated strength training facility. Inside these walls you’ll find world-class coaching, the right tools and equipment for serious lifters, a group of like-minded and hard-working people, and an environment of support and camaraderie that you would never find in a commercial gym. The bottom line is that our gym is a gym FOR lifters, BY lifters!

equipment list

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Powerlifting equipment: 2 competition monolifts, Westside Barbell Belt Squat, Black Widow Training Gear power rack, competition Forza benches(2), Rogue deadlift platform, assortment of bands, 300lbs chains
Barbells: Texas Bench Bar, Westside Bulldog Bench Bar, Texas Deadlift Bar (2), Texas Squat Bar (2), EliteFTS Mastodon Squat Bar
Specialty barbells: BWTG Swiss bar, safety squat bar (2), BWTG Cambered bar, BWTG Axle bar, Bandbell Earthquake bar
Conditioning Tools: Prowler (2), Pull Sled, 400lbs tires (2), battle ropes, elliptical,
Machines: CFF glute ham raise, Westside Barbell Reverse Hyperextension, lat pulldown/low row, t-bar row, Pec deck/rear delt combo, counterbalanced Smith machine, leg curl/leg extension, calf raise, leg press/hack squat.
Misc: Dumbbells, 150lbs keg, Highland games equipment: Scottish hammer, Sheaf
Strongman event training equipment coming soon!

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location and directions
Our gym is located at 140 Keyland Court, Bohemia, NY 11716, Unit #23. We are located directly south of MacArthur airport, off of Veterans Highway Rt. 454 and Sunrise Highway Rt. 27.

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