Blue Collar Barbell News — January 1, 2016 at 1:12 pm

Check Out Coach Shawna Mendelson Preparing for Record Breakers 2016 in Finland!

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Check out some photos and videos of our Coach Shawna Mendelson as she prepares for Record Breakers 2016!
Shawna will be travelling to Finland to compete against some of the best lifters on the planet from all over!


Crushing some strict over hand wide grip pull ups. Did 35! Not too shabby! #Bluecollarbarbell #Westsidebarbell…

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When you're demonstrating and your "Tricep" says Hello! 😄💪😂 #tricepsonpoint #strengthathlete#Bluecollarbarbell…

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Squatting 685, paused 2 inches above parallel!

170lbs ME log press!

410lbs opener to 1/2 board, 6 weeks out!

440lbs 2nd attempt to 1 board!

465lbs to a 2 board, 4 weeks out!