Events, Meet Info — September 20, 2022 at 12:06 pm

MEET RECAP AND RESULTS – IPA Strength of Heroes, 09/10-11/22

STRENGTH OF HEROES 2022 in the books! WOW is all I can say! Two tremendous days of love, generosity, support, and POWERLIFTING!  We would like to thank everyone who came out to help support this event! Our Sponsors!! Every lifter, coach and spectator who came out to help support Paws Of War All of the competitors who put it all out there regardless of the outcome you all KILLED IT! It was an honor to have you all join us on this very special weekend that means so much to all of us as AMERICANS! Thank you to all of our first responders, and our service members for all that you do day in and day out to help keep us safe and FREE!! Thank you to Jay the love of my life for all you do for this event all year long, for not stopping for days to make sure every little detail was taken care of I love you!  Blue Collar Barbell for working tirelessly all weekend long making sure everything was running right, handling lifters, spotting and loading and helping us get the gym back together until midnight last night! Thank you to Lloyd and Donna Bingham for coming up again this year being the best judges and all of your help, and  Paul Bennett for judging all weekend! Becky Critti for doing such an incredible job on the table this weekend and for  all of your help!! Ryan Critti for being a kickass announcer on Saturday and congratulations on killing this weekend on the platform in your first multiply meet!! Dakota for coming up and helping run the table, being a killer announcer and helping us clean up life saver!! Kaitlin Taylor for manning the door all weekend and all of your help with everything else all weekend!! Mike Skiba, Jenna Skiba, Chris Dellafave and Erin for being just the best and all of your help! We love doing this with you guys we are a great team and congratulations on both your incredible days!! Insane! Judy the best mom for all of her help running the shirts, drinks, errands and taking care of the pups we love you! Big Rob, and Mike for all of your help! Thank you to Retired Navy Seal Chris Wyllie for taking time out of your day to come speak on 9/11 it was an absolute honor having you join us!! To all of our sponsors, food trucks, bands! Thank you so very much!! We could not do this without all of you!! Until next year everyone!! Stay strong!