Blue Collar Barbell News, Meet Info — April 15, 2015 at 7:45 pm

Meet Recap & Results – 2015 IPA New York Grand Prix/NJ State Championships, April 11th, 2015

nj state championships

So here is a quick write up. The meet was amazing!! We had such a great turn out of both competitors and spectators!! We had a full house!! The meet ran efficiently and on time! We tried our best to make sure the lifters had what they needed in order to give it their best on the platform. Thanks to each and every one of you for coming out and spending your day with us!!

Running and organizing meets is not an easy task, and the reason we do them is for the love of the sport, and 100% for the lifters.

I have so many people to thank. You can’t do this stuff alone especially if you want it done right!! First and foremost my team Blue Collar Barbell, and of course David Hoff. Everyone works tirelessly regardless of what needs to be done. David also helps keep me sane since you all know I have a tendency to get flustered lmao!! So thank you from the bottom of my heart BCB, and of course my favorite David.

I need to thank Eric Frost, and all of the other spotters and loaders who came out to help even some who came out of the warm up room. John Gaglione for letting us borrow his Mono since our new one is still a work in progress. Huge help. Thank you to Brian Silfies for letting us borrow some weights and accessories, Dean from Black Widow Training Gear for always helping having my back and always believing in me as an athlete. James Klemick for those beautiful best lifter baskets from Coalition Nutrition, John Inzer from Inzer Advance Designs for all of your support always and all of the goodies, Bench Blokz, The-Meatlocker, thank you to Laurel Bickford of Laurel’s Butter for coming and letting us try your delicious products.

All in all, what an amazing day with incredible people!! Thank you all again!

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The next day, we hosted an awesome Strength and Sports Performance clinic at Blue Collar Barbell! Pat Susco finally made it to BCB! Such an honor to have you join us! Here are just a few pics of today. Thanks everyone for coming! We had a blast!!

Our next clinic will be on May16th up in Concord NH at One2One Fitness come join us!! If you are interested in having Dave and I come to you, we can make it happen!! Please message us on Facebook, or email us!!

Check out some pictures from the meet below, stay strong and we will see you soon!!