Events, Meet Info — June 29, 2021 at 9:22 pm

MEET RESULTS – Summer Heat Championships, 06/05/2021


Another great meet in the books! Saturday June 5th was such a huge success all the way around!! Everyone killed it!! We had people of all levels join us! Our guys killed it! Will totaled 1777 800sq, 425 bench, 550 deadlift just missed a 500lb bench!! Dan came in super strong with a 170lb over all total pr and went 9/9!! He had a 755 sq, 450bench, 615 deadlift he totaled 1840lbs at 242lbs and James 875sq, 425bench, 630lbs deadlift he totaled 1940lbs at 175lbs BW!! That’s over 11x body weight with a 165lb pr total!! To say How proud we are of everyone is an understatement!! Thank you again to everyone who came out and helped spot, load, judge, and run the table it’s 100% a team effort. Thank you again to all of our competitors for choosing our meets to compete at, and to all of the spectators who help to support our sport!! We thank you!! Please stay tuned for our next week event coming up September 11th & 12. Strength of hero’s 9/11 Remembrance meet!! Stay strong!