Blue Collar Barbell News, Events, Meet Info — May 7, 2018 at 9:40 am

Meet Recap and Results – 2018 SPF Long Island Spring Mania Powerlifting Championships


Yesterday we hosted the SPF Spring Mania Powerlifting Championships. We hosted this meet to help give back to Long Island Against Domestic Violence. They are a great organization and they help thousands in need! There is zero tolerance for Domestic Violence Period!! I’m so pleased that we were all able to come together for such an incredible cause! This event was spectacular! It was run the way powerlifting meets should be run, for the lifter! The platform crew was 100% on point! No miss loads, great spotters and loaders. That’s crucial when you run events! The caliber of lifters we had, I just cant say enough about. We had 100% newbies, to Pro Caliber Seasoned lifters. Everyone helped each other, cheered each other on, we had no ego’s and every lifter gave it there all on the platform! Jay and I couldn’t of asked for a more incredible day! What an awesome way to break in our new place! I want to give a big shout out to Jay for all of your hard work with helping me plan, and making this day so great for everyone! Thank you to our crew Blue Collar Barbell, thank you to our mom Judy she went above and beyond, Marc Sydell for being the door muscle, thank you to Inzer Advanced Designs for supporting me and our meets for all of these years your generosity and help is so beyond appreciated, thank you to Xfactormeals for donating such delicious food, and of course thank you again to all of the competitors for supporting us, joining us, and making our sport so great! We hope you will all come back for future events! We are a true brotherhood and that definitely showed yesterday! Thank you to everyone who came to help support our lifters, our sport, and our cause!! Please keep an eye out for more events coming soon!! Have a great day everyone! Stay Strong!! 💪💖🤘


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